USEF Fan Guide - Rolex Grand Prix - WEF 12

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Show jumping allows very little room for error . It takes just millimeters or fractions of a second to dash a competitor’s hopes of winning. When the field is stacked with some of the best in the world (as it is here), you end up with a 1 in 5 chance of winning across some of the most-consistent names in the sport. WHO WINS? As the Grand Finale of the 2024 Winter Equestrian Festival, tonight’s Rolex Grand Prix will punctuate a competitive Wellington season. WINNING IT WON’T BE EASY. AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT SO EXCITING TO WATCH. The seemingly low win odds you’ll see on the following pages reflect the level of chance in the sport and the level of greatness in the field.

Enjoy the show.

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