USEF Fan Guide - Rolex Grand Prix - WEF 12






Chance of finishing the first round on 0 penalties (based on EquiRatings predictive modelling). Predicted Jumping Clear Chance 1 Current Rating The horse's Elo rating and where that rating ranks among all other horses in this class. 2 Percentage of clear rounds from all CSI5* 160+ attempts over the horse's career (excluding jump-offs) Clear Rate (160+) 3 According to the High Performance Rating (HPR). The HPR measures how good a performance was based on the strength of the fellow competitors, the size of the field, and the final placing. The record HPR is a 120 achieved by winning the 2023 Rolex Grand Prix at CHI Geneva (United Touch S & Richard Vogel). Highest Rated Performance 4 The boxes show the number of penalties received in each of their last 8 top-level classes. The 150, 155 & 160 along the left side are the class heights at which those penalties occurred. Jump-off results are not included. The graph goes chronologically from left (earliest) to right (most-recent). Recent Form 5

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