Hartpury Form Guide 2023

EquiRatings stats, ratings and analysis for the CCI4*-S


are the

The top 10 win chances entering the 2023 Hartpury CCI4*-S

Win and podium predictions are based on EquiRatings modelling. 12 combinations listed due to a tie at the 10th ranked.

Pictured: Pippa Funnell

Pictured:Piggy March & Brookfield Inocent

The EquiRatings Elo is an objective horse rating. Horses gain Elo points from the horses they beat and they lose Elo points to the horses who finish ahead of them. The all-time record Elo is a 973 (reached by La Biosthetique-Sam FBW in 2017).

The last 2 winners of Hartpury 4* have gone on to win a championship or a CCI5* later that year. JL Dublin became the European Champion in 2021 and Vanir Kamira won the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials in 2022.

Will we see the same unfold this year?

or lower to beat the Hartpury 4*-S all-time dressage record. It will take a 22.2

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